The NLMA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors to the Physicians' Legacy Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their contributions help provide scholarships to medical students at Memorial University’s Faculty of Medicine. Below is a list of the donors who contributed since the last Annual Report.



  • Canadian Medical Foundation
  • TD Insurance 




  • Dr. Francisco Enrique Acevedo
  • Dr. Khalil Ahmad
  • Dr. Ali Neamah Hameed Al Khafaji
  • Dr. Ali Sa Al-Byaty
  • Dr. Geoffrey Albert Bailey
  • Dr. Peter Blanchard Blackie
  • Dr. David Malcolm Brentnall
  • Dr. Carmel Casey
  • Dr. Janet Chaytor
  • Dr. Santhi Chellamuthu
  • Dr. Mammen Cheriyan
  • Dr. Diane Alison Colbert
  • Dr. David Allison Coleman
  • Dr. Thomas George Costello
  • Dr. Christopher Randall Cox
  • Dr. Stephen Darcy
  • Dr. Mervyn Maynard Dean
  • Dr. Lesley Maria Doody
  • Dr. Alison Christine Drover
  • Dr. Lynn Elizabeth Dwyer
  • Dr. Hendrik Andries Engelbrecht
  • Dr. Wilhelmina Engelbrecht
  • Dr. Fakhruddin Kassamali Essaji
  • Dr. Jamie Bernard Farrell
  • Dr. Charlene Deirdre Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Donald Gerard Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Wendy Rosalind Graham
  • Dr. Jonathan David Greenland
  • Dr. Bhagvanth Reddy Gunna
  • Dr. Kathleen Marie Halley
  • Dr. Sean Francis Hamilton
  • Dr. Elizabeth Jolene Hancock
  • Dr. Marcus Lawerence Jeddore Hancock
  • Dr. Conamara Hapgood
  • Dr. Scott Rodney Harris
  • Dr. Megan Joanne Hayes
  • Dr. Kenneth James Henderson
  • Dr. Gilbert Tin Maung Hla
  • Dr. Anne Marie Hofner
  • Dr. David Christopher Giovanni Holden
  • Dr. Wendy Myra House
  • Dr. Glennis Dawn Howse
  • Dr. Linda Eileen Ivany
  • Dr. Heather Renee Jackman
  • Dr. Christopher Eric Jenkins
  • Dr. Katherine Mary Kavanagh
  • Dr. Melissa Dawn Kelley
  • Dr. Susan Matilda King
  • Dr. Heidi Kravitz
  • Dr. Murugesan Kulandaivelu
  • Dr. Harry Russell Lake
  • Dr. Sheila Marie Lewis
  • Dr. Jennifer Joan Lombard
  • Dr. Kristopher Dale Luscombe
  • Dr. Adrian C. Major
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Manga
  • Dr. Peter James Matthews
  • Dr. Annette Mary McCarthy
  • Dr. Rodney McCarthy
  • Dr. Paul Christopher Moorehead
  • Dr. William Bertram Moulton
  • Dr. Stuart James Murphy
  • Dr. Peter James Noel
  • Dr. Mary Hannah O’Brien
  • Dr. Lachman Das Oad
  • Dr. Cora Ogomegbunam Ogbolu
  • Dr. David J. Openshaw
  • Dr. Perry Alonzo Osborne
  • Dr. Steven M. Parsons
  • Mr. Arthur Travis Paul Pickett
  • Dr. Angela Pickles
  • Dr. Calvin Neil Powell
  • Dr. Tammy Lynette Powell
  • Dr. Lorena Marie Power
  • Dr. Zaid Omar Ali Ramjohn
  • Dr. Devicka Janet Roopram
  • Dr. James Thomas Bruce Rourke
  • Dr. Carla Nadine Saldanha
  • Dr. Jinka Sathya
  • Dr. Esmael Mohamed Harron Sebbi
  • Dr. John Haworth Sheldon
  • Dr. Gillian Ann Sheppard
  • Dr. Paul Douglas Skirving
  • Dr. Andrew Smith
  • Mr. Nicholas Jacob Snow
  • Dr. Tina E. Squires
  • Dr. Christina Gordon Templeton
  • Dr. Mylvaganam Joseph M. Thavanathan
  • Dr. Carel Arnold Vermooten
  • Dr. Keith Anthony Vokey
  • Dr. Paula Marie Walsh
  • Dr. Harold Ross Watts
  • Dr. Jeffrey Vernon White
  • Dr. Lucinda Anne Whitman
  • Dr. Paul G. Wayne Woolfrey
  • Dr. Dejun Xu
  • Dr. Karim Esmat Amin Youssef


In addition, when a member passes away, the NLMA makes a donation in their memory to the Foundation. Tax-deductible individual donations are  accepted during the membership renewal process, or at any time through the Physicians' Legacy Foundation website or by calling the NLMA at (709) 726-7424 or (800) 563-2003.

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Tax-deductible donations are accepted during the membership renewal process, or at any time.


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