NLMA Leadership Scholarship

2019 Sarah Manning


NLMA Gerald F. Lynch Essay Award in Medical History & Humanities Recipients

2019 Lauren Winsor

2018 Charlie Gillis
2017 Rebecca Quilty

         Mark Earle (honorable mention)

2016 Christopher C. W. Grant

2015 Dave Jerome

2014 Sandra Cooke-Hubley

         Dave Jerome (honorable mention)

2013 Zachary Hynes
2012 Paul Boland
2011 Zachery Warren
2010 Not awarded
2009 Jadon Harding
2008 Monica Kidd 
2007 Nancy Barker
2006 Crystal Hann
2005 Laurina Leyenaar 
2004 Not awarded
2003 Kenneth Crocker
2002 Michael Nas
2001 Chantelle Reid
2000 Sarah Curtis
1999 Enoch Daniel
1998 John Butler
1997 Heather Brake
1996 Nicholas J. Withers


2018 The Soil and the Seed-Osler’s Contributions to the Pathologic and Social Aspects of Tuberculosis (PDF)

2017 The Silent Strike of the Spanish Influenza in Newfoundland and Labrador (PDF)

         A Short History of Euthanasia - A Brief Look into the Centuries Old Debate over an Individual’s Right to Die (PDF)

2016 Tommy Ricketts, V.C. - Newfoundland War Hero and Pharmacist (PDF)

2015 A Short History of the Diagnosis of Postraumatic Stress Disorder (PDF)

2014 An analysis on how the 1942 St. John's Knights of Columbus fire impacted the field of medicine  (PDF)

         A review of euthanasia policies in Canada  (PDF)

2013 Plain Films of Dedication - Three Documentaries, CanMEDS-FM, and a Commitment to the Person First (PDF)
2012 Self-regulation: The challenge of maintaining public trust in an environment of increased scrutiny and criticism (PDF)
2011 Wait Times in Newfoundland and Labrador’s Emergency Rooms: Sensible Solutions (PDF)
2010 Not awarded
2009 Saying Sorry: The physician's role in patient and public disclosure of adverse events (PDF) 
2008 Medicine: A Career or Calling? (PDF)
2007 Professionalism in Medicine: A Student Perspective (PDF)
2006 What does Newfoundland and Labrador need to do to recruit and retain the next generation of doctors? (PDF)


NLMA TD Insurance Health and Well-Being Award

2018 Michelle Moody, Jennifer Mooney

2016 Mark Earle, Devin Philpott

2015 David Bradbury-Squires

2014 Elizabeth Andrews, Lacey Corbett



NLMA President's Scholarship Recipients

2019 Erin Marshall, Nathan Wilson 

2016 Mike Curran, Meg Mahoney

2015 Elizabeth Faour, Desmond Whalen

2014 Alison Howley, David Jerome

2013 Andrew Dalton, Leanne Murphy

2012 Laura Butler, Fady Kamel
2011 David Harnett, Bolu Ogunyemi
2010 Natalie Graves, Paige Moore

2009 Karen Downton, Matthew Sheppard 
2008 Kelly Hynes, Yasir Khan
2007 Sammy Khalili, Michael Organ
2006 Monica Kidd, Aaron Grant
2005 Roy Dudley, Allison Meiwald
2004 Robyn Hutchings, David Thomas
2003 Jessica Guimond, Laurena Leyenaar 
2002 Kathleen Dooling, Kathryn Olsen
2001 Christa Fagan, Darryl Young 
2000 Scott Harris, Cynthia Slade
1999 Katrina Hurley, Christopher Jackman
1998 Sharon Dawso, Michelle Gibson
1997 Angela Noble, Andrew Pickle
1996 Brendan Hughes, Dianne Pittman
1995 Jennifer Garland, Nicholas Withers
1994 David Bryant, Colleen O’Connell
1993 Bridget Fernandez, Chris Martin
1992 Kirk Hollohan, Simon Kirby
1991 Jennifer Hall, Stephen Hiscock
1990 Stephen Darcy, Ian Feltham
1989 Wendy Alexander, Anthony Gabriel
1988 Robert Farrell, Heather Rose
1987 Michael Hall, David Huntstman
1986 Bonita Lynn Boone, Meredith Bell Marks
1985 Angela Genge, William A. MacDonald

NLMA Dr. Phyllis H. Madryga Scholarship Recipients

2019 Robert McCarthy, Janie O’Leary  

2018 Lisa Burke

2017 Desmond Whalen

2016 Sinead Mercier

2015 Ryan Dean

2014 Lesley Manning

2013 Mari-Lynne Sinnott
2012 Lauren Edwards
2011 Robyn Wade
2010 Sarah Cutler
2009 Susan Avery
2008 Michael Ryan
2007 Kim Gunson
2006 Margaret Hamlyn
2005 Danielle O'Keefe

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